Story drives desire

Posted on 11:15 PM by dave

As a human in this journey of life, your story, the narrative of your life, is engaging the rest of humanity in a conversation. What is your story?

This is definitely true of artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs.

Over the past 20 years, I've begun noticing a pattern to how I engage with merchants and I've observed others in their choices of products and services. Quite often it isn't what product or service is best (the fact sheet) or how it will improve or enhance our lives (the benefits and value).

It's deeper than that.

Walk into an Apple store and look around. What do they offer? Products? Sure. Services? Of course. But that's not why people are lining up for blocks for their next idevice.

Keep digging.

Next time you walk into a Starbucks, what do you see? What is the environment like? How do you feel there? The art, colors, smells... even the furniture are communicating something.

They're telling a story.

They are telling you why they exist. They're bringing you into their narrative. They're intentionally constructing an allegory to inspire you to join with them in how they see the world and the desired future they wish to create.

They're telling you what they believe.

You're doing the same when you meet with a client. From your body language to your hair style to where you meet to your "pitch"... it's all creating a culture of story; the story of your craft. You are communicating what you believe.

This is true whether you are cognisent of it or not.

Think about it, when you are engrossed in a novel or swept away in the narrative of an epic, you imagine on the screens in your mind all the intricacies and details present in that story. You feel what the protagonist feels. You smell the pubs. You hear the birds. This "movie in your mind" transcends mere intellect to something deeper. There is resonance and harmony with the text. That story drives a desire within you to return to that space once again to engage with familiar characters that give you a sense of belonging.

I belive that story drives desire... and that you have a story that deserves to be told.

So let me ask this: what story are you telling?