Co-created solutions

Posted on 10:34 PM by dave

"I wish there were more hours in the day. I just don't have enough time." The desparation in her voice was clear and present welling up a slurry of emotions that could send her into a panic at any moment.

"Then there's all the stuff that I'm supposed to be doing..." My client was at her wits end, internally spinning in circles on a merry-go-round of "shoulds" and "have-to's."

To her, there was no end in sight and very little hope.

She is an entrepreneur and artist learning to hold seeming two opposing forces in tension with one another-- creating beauty and driving strategy. The outcome is often a feeling of running on a treadmill-- working really hard but getting nowhere-- as one feeds her soul and the other is just necessary.

In this encounter, my 20 years of organizational leadership wanted to charge in save the day with strategies and goals but my intuition told me that none of that would help in this moment. What was truly needed was curiosity; a curiosity that could excavate the brilliance within her while simultaneously provoking her to action.

So, I responded to her outpouring with a compassionate and powerful question. The dance began.

After about 20 minutes of our emotional and soulful tango and twist, I called her to an action step. Based on her input, she advised me that she was having a hard time moving forward because of a multiplicity of emails that she receives related to her industry and realm of expertise.

She said, "If I could just find a way to filter through the tons of emails that I receive so that I could focus on the important ones and ignore the fluff, I'd feel like I'd have more margin in my day and be more encouraged."

My co-active coaching style wanted to have her craft a solution all on her own at this point but my intuition told me that she needed a nudge. So, I recommended that she set up a filter in her email that is called "2pm" and all the indistry related emails would automatically be labeled and filed/archived to her "2pm" folder. Then, she suggested setting up a reminder on her calendar to look at the folder once a day for 30 minutes and no more. I added to that great idea suggesting that she use Evernote or Read-It-Later for articles and tips/tricks that she liked but wanted to revisit at a later date.

I challenged her to do it in two days from our session. Guess what? She did it that night and began implementing it the next day!

Co-creating solutions with clients provides a high level of buy-in since the idea was crafted by the client. In this instance, I stoked the fire of her solution- provoking her to action- and she ran with it. Today, a week later, she reports that she has more time and feels less burden from all the clutter that used to rob her of precious creative energy.

What solutions have you implemented?

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