rule of life

Posted on 6:20 PM by dave

I live by a code-- a rule of life-- that I don't honor as often as I'd like yet it still compels me to adventure and perturbs my heart morning by morning.

...::: Always Be Creating :::...

It's illusive.
It's provoking.
It's daunting.

I find myself paralyzed most of the time not by what I should create but where to focus.  Do I write?  And if I write, should it be poetic or prose centric?  Do I create images?  What is compelling?  How am I inspired?

The truth about me that I don't want you to know is that secretly I don't follow my own "rule of life" because I don't think what I create will be any "good".  Yeah.  Just writing this seems ridiculous but it's this lie of Resistance that keeps me from discipline in my craft and makes my artisan soul shrivel from lack of imaginative outlet.


Shannon Leith ( does a great job of living by this same "rule of life" whether it's intentional for her or not.  While her ingenuity is a constant invigoration for my wife's gifting, I have also found myself inspired by her whimsical creative impulses.

In fact, I loved this line from one of her posts a few months back (

--- i twirled a little and felt great about life,


Sometimes, we all just need to twirl a little.  
Or drive somewhere new just because.  
Or cancel our appointments just to listen to the Muse.

So I'm challenged in this-- what am I going to do about it?  It's not enough for me to simply acknowledge and identify a problem; I'm compelled toward renewal and change.  Transformation fuels me both personally and professionally.  As a co-active coach, I help others deepen their insight and courageously pursue meaningful metamorphosis and I expect no less from myself (I, too, have peer coaches that challenge and support me).

To enact the bold action that I desire to honor my "rule of life", I choose to do the following:
1) Rhythm-- a regular weekly cadence to respect and practice my craft.
2) Whimsy-- get out of the grind and rut and chase the Wild Goose.
3) Grit-- screw the critics, the Shadow, the Saboteur... do the work.

Now it's your turn...

What is your "rule of life"?  
What must you do every day to bring you life?  
How do you keep it alive and thriving?