Creative Flow

Posted on 10:40 AM by dave

Creative flow and strategy may seem mostly foreign to artisans but it's value as an indicator for ongoing success and legacy cannot be overlooked.
Any musician will tell you that when they are "in the zone" practicing their craft that there is an innate flow to the harmony and rhythm of their creativity. They have great freedom of expression in the adhering to the syncopations and melody that they are conceiving.
Yet in all the organic cadences and tones, there is structure, there is process. This process must be written down in order to be repeated and replicated if they are ever to be given life again. This constant practice of process gives the musician further mastery of their technique. It is as if their practice makes a permanent process that in time becomes second nature to them.
When first starting a new creative endeavor, establishing a daily rhythm or process is extremely important. It gives us freedom to get our work done and allows for flexibility to adjust as needed.
However, the same is also true in dealing with clients. Having a process with clientele that can be duplicated further enhances their experience and understanding of our artisan craft. This perpetuates the DNA of the brilliance we bring to our clients and begins to establish a legacy of how we show up in our artistry.
What are you doing to establish creative flow or process into your work? With your clients?