The Audacity of Brilliance

Posted on 11:42 AM by dave

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“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

As a coach, life intrigues me. I find myself curious about people, buildings, conversations, architecture, landscapes, body language, texture, color, design, etc. I can't help it. We are surrounded by beauty and creativity and it captivates me!
People are the most curious of creatures. The way they think and emote, the way they gather and scatter, the way they connect and disengage-- it's fascintaing!
I had an uncle-in-law, John, who was known to say, "People just know so much," and it enthralled him. He loved a good conversation and enagaged others with a thirst to know them more deeply and true.
I experienced him like this...
Everyone is creative.
Everyone is an artist.
Everyone is a genius.
An engineer creates structures and substructures with intertwining layers of electrical, plumbing, fire suppression-- it's a genius art. A mathematician architects computational techniques and algorithms expanding knowledge and understanding-- it's a genius art. A photographer crafts a visual story bending light around a subject-- it's a genius art!
How many of us deny the existence of our designed genius? Or worse, how many of us have a hint of our genius but don't develop it? We don't lean into it living lesser than the fullness of what we have to offer?
Denying or refusing to acknowledge our genius or not developing it is arrogant and deprives the world of the gift of our design, our uniqueness, our art. This world needs our imagination and ingenuity.
Next time you're in conversation with someone, have an internal dialog with them and ask, "What is powerfully unique and true of you?" Get curious about what makes them come alive. Then, call it forth. Unearth the gold of this naturally creative person and admire it. Show them why they matter and name it.
We need more people like you with the audacity to call forth the brilliance you see and experience.