Awe & wonder

Posted on 11:29 AM by dave

Expectation, temperament, etiquette-- there are many spaces in life that attempt to define what we are supposed to do, how we are supposed to respond, and how we are supposed to act.

"Supposed to"-- that phrase feels so... limiting, restricting, confining.
I wonder: is there more? If we could do anything, what would we do? If we had permission to respond without fear of judgment or condemnation, how would we behave? What would we say? If nothing held us back, how would we act?
My son is almost 6 years old and while he's learning the rhythms of our culture-- how to respect and honor others and himself-- there's a wild abandon in him that's almost barbaric... and I love that about him. His heart of curiosity and imagination guide him to think and act in ways that have the aroma of freedom that is untethered to the "supposed to's" that bind so many adults.
There are moments my son is playing with his Lego's that he spontaneously bursts forth with humming and singing; a theme song of sorts for the epic story being crafted in his imagination. Then, without warning, he collapses on the ground. Continuing in song but staring into the depths of the ceiling, he holds his creation turning it in his hand as he admires the intricacies of his invention.
As beautiful and carefree as this scene is, just try to imagine that was a 40 year old guy or a 32 year old lady. People would freak out and think that something was wrong with them! They'd have them institutionalized.
Yet, my heart longs for this type of awe and wonder; this wild abandon to the restrictive deluge of other people's opinions.
There are moments I want to run through an open field just because the Wind has beckoned me to come play with it. There are moments that I want to climb a tree or fence just to gain a fresh, new perspective. There are moments I want to flop down in the lush, green grass and just stare at the clouds getting lost in their ever vacillating, shape-shifting transit across the blue, oceanic heavens.
Welcome to my Barbarian value; a value that is wild, unleashed, and fierce. For me to truly honor this value, the "people pleaser" in me must be in healthy check.
I must grant myself full permission to simply be me and not adhere to the "supposed to's" of others.
I must cross lines.
I must not be contained.
I must think sideways.
I must be unique.
I must explore.
This value loves to hear the phrase, "To boldly go where no one has gone before." Hearing this, I gain a sense of childlike awe and wonder and my heart comes alive!