Posted on 2:42 PM by dave

There is a purpose and intent to how everyone is wired.  Everyone is unique.  At times, we may resonate with the similarities in one another, but we are not identical.

This is by design.  We all have an intrinsic design that calls us forth, that beckons us forward.

Our habitat points us toward our design; our habitat is that space that exists where our heart comes fully alive.

Consider for a moment, Koi.  Koi are designed for freshwater and tend to reside in calm, shallow ponds.  The set boundaries and certainty of their surroundings is the prime environment for them to live peacefully and contently.  They are dependable.

Trout, on the other hand, occupy lakes, streams, rivers and, for some, the ocean.  They live for the rushing streams and myriad of options to swim for miles and miles.  Some trout live for years in the ocean then return to the lakes and streams of their origin.  They are quite the sojourners.

Dolphin thrive in the ocean.  The insurmountable depths and endless sea beckons them to frolic whimsically in the never ending ebb and flow of the tides.  They come and go as they please.  The vastness of aquatic options does not intimidate them.  They are playful explorers.

Each of these aquatic animals are uniquely placed in a habitat-- call it their domain-- where they most come alive.  They thrive in their domain.  It is as if they were made for it and it for them.

We, too, have a habitat, an environment, a domain in which our heart comes most alive.  It is this way by design.  For some of us, like the Koi, it's the trusted syncopation of our corporate career.  The certainty of our schedule.  The regularity of our existence.

For some of us, like the trout, it's the dynamic nature of our daily rhythm.  The ever changing pace of our job.  The fluctuation of our existence.

For some of us, like the dolphin, it's the boundlessness of what the day will bring.  The "anything goes" vastness of our work.  The limitlessness of our existence.

All of us have a domain that fits for us.  To expect a dolphin to thrive in a 1,000 gallon Koi pond would be ludicrous.  To expect a Koi to flourish in the salty waters of the ocean would mean certain death.

One of our goals should be to identify the type of environment that best calls us forth according to our design and the design of the people we interact with on a regular basis.  It would be toxic to expect someone who values structure, substance, and summary to be in a role or environment that requires imagination, fluidity, and adaptation.   The inverse is true as well.

How have you experienced this in relationships or at work?
What habitat makes you most come alive?
If you had a perfect day, what would you be doing?