What I believe...

I believe that story drives desire.  

As artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and salespreneurs, your story influences and informs the culture you create with your clients, cohorts, and staff. 

To me, sales is less a function of getting a "Yes" at closing and more a result of connecting with someone on the deepest level, the heart. The more we can tap into the core values, passions, dreams, and priorities that make our clients unique, the more we will foster a culture of legacy that goes beyond numbers and quotas creating relationships with life-long clients.

What I bring...

I'm compelled set hearts free!

There is something beautiful, alluring, and inviting about a person living from their core values and identity that not only makes them fully alive and free but simultaneously gives others the permission to do the same. 

While anyone can benefit from having a coach come alongside them to help navigate through life, my passion is uniquely tailored to help artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and salespreneurs lean into the craft and mastery that they bring to this world... because this world needs their imagination and ingenuity.

I combine a blend of co-active coaching techniques and intuitive consultation with 20 years of sales and organizational leadership experience to help you courageously explore and call forth the brilliance within you. 

Your journey awaits.

Email: coaching[at]davehackbarth[dot]com
Phone: 512.761.6188
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Twitter: davehackbarth

All consultation and coaching services are based out of Austin, TX