Every heroic journey has a beginning.  This could be yours!

Every quest has it's hurdles and roadblocks.  The discovery session is a great catalyst for working together in the future and typically lasts anywhere from one to one-and-a-half hours which serves as a launching point for us to begin this journey.  We will co-create how we will work together and form an agreement that fosters a safe and courageous space for us to explore what you hope to accomplish.

My one-on-one rates are based on two 45-minute sessions per month using the sliding scale below:

- $50 one-time investment... for up to a 1-1/2 hour Discovery Session

- $350/month... for a month-to-month commitment
- $300/month... for a three month commitment
- $250/month... for a six month commitment

The next step is yours. Contact me: coaching[at]davehackbarth[dot]com 

Shared Sojourn
Life is better in community with others.  There is something energizing and powerful about gathering with other like minded travelers on this pilgrimage to unleashing legacy.  In a Shared Sojourn experience, we explore specific topics together and discover new ways of thinking and being as we journey deeper into our craft and calling.

- $100 per person per experience

Upcoming community experiences (class sizes limited to 12 people):
- How To Sell Yourself Without Selling Out
- Powerful Conversations
- More coming soon...

The BraveHeart Intensive
I'm a lead facilitator of the 3-day retreat or 8-week course that is not just another examination of personality types and strength assessments.  The BraveHeart Intensive is experiential, challenging, deeply interactive, and involves a high degree of accountability—and as such, it isn’t for everyone. Specifically, it's designed for Christian men who know they are called to a greater level of influence in the world. But more than that, this journey is for those men who are truly hungry—who deeply, passionately long to fulfill God’s highest call on their lives, and who will not stop until they become the fully-formed men that God created them to be. For that reason, we take great care in selecting the men for participation in a BraveHeart Intensive. We look for those who are willing and able to offer you the best part of who they are as men and followers of Christ in the context of authentic community, even as you offer the same to them.

For more information about The BraveHeart Intensive or to register for an upcoming event, please visit:  http://www.braveheartintensiveonline.com.

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